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How to stop cat scratching furniture and Sofa

How to stop cat scratching furniture and Sofa

Scratching is something natural that cats inherit in their behavior. It is totally normal, and you must not have to worry about it as it is good for their health.

However, the problem begins when they started scratching your newly oh-ho-trendy sofa and furniture. But you cant stop your cat from scratching your furniture so what is the solution?? We will talk about them a little later first we must know why cat scratches.

Why do cats scratch the furniture??

Well, you might be thinking that your beloved cat loves scratching and destroying the new furniture but that’s not the case they doing this for multiple reasons. First, they are doing their exercise because they can’t hit the gym jokes apart scratching provides them a full-body workout and scratches out their muscles and tendons from their claws all the way down their back. Cats also scratch furniture to keep their nails sharp by shedding the outside layer which keeps their claws healthy.

Secondly, cats paws carry scent glands and when they scratch things they release bouquets to mark their region in the home. They are most likely to target frequently used objects such as furniture and sofas. This is because these things will make them comfortable and secure and relieve stress by putting their odor on things that make them feel like home.

How to stop cat scratching furniture?

The best way to stop your cat scratching your furniture is by providing them something on which they can do scratching in the house. So that they don’t have to run to your sofa.
Outdoor they can scratch on trees so it’s a good idea to provide somethings like that inside the home or something that can stick to the sofa or furniture.

Also its good to take precaution for your new sofa and furniture to save them from scratches.

We have a good recommendation for you. Cat Scratching Pad 

1) It can be placed at sides of the sofa

2) It can be wrapped around the legs of furniture

3) It can be placed anywhere and it will work like a Mat